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Innovative Cloud Power System Simulator – iSIMELEC

Innovative Cloud Power System Simulator – iSIMELEC

Studio Elektronike Rijeka Ltd. (STER), as the company engaged in production of instruments and devices for measuring, testing and navigation, is implementing an EU project entitled ”Innovative Cloud Power System Simulator – iSIMELEC”. The realization of the project will improve R&D capabilities of the company and open up the possibility for development of complex algorithms and applications based on synchronized phasor measurement techology in the field of power system management. Since it’s inception, Studio Elektronike Rijeka Ltd. is engaged in production of instruments and devices for measuring, testing and navigation, and has been involved in projects in the electricity sector and in industrial plants. The applicant provides his services to the private and public sector, both domestically and internationally, successfully collaborating on more than 10 projects. Based on the existing successful business cooperation, gained experience and recognized market needs, a business decision was made to develop and invest in Innovative Cloud Power System Simulator – iSIMELEC for the purpose of upgrading the WAMSTER platform. With further commercialization of the innovation, STER will become the first company in the Croatian and regional market to offer a new portfolio of services based on synchronized phasor measurement technology. The project will provide WAMSTER users the possibility to gain additional insight into the opportunities in the power system, taking into account the arrangement of measured units and characteristics of the system on which WAMS (Wide Area Network) is created.

The comparative advantage of the proposed simulator is that, by installing portable PMU’s, measurements are transmitted wirelessly through the mobile telephone network, which enables telecommunication-independent solution to collect data and then simulate the operation of the power system according to SAAS( System As A Service) business model.

The above mentioned presents the ideal solution for users who want to minimize costs without investing in infrastructure, hardware and software, and gain insight into power system opportunities using a standard browser on a PC or mobile device, in just 15 minutes to plug in a portable PMU.

Furthermore, the project will contribute to the growth of sales of the service portfolio and to the market recognition of STER, as a company that directs it’s own business towards projects relevant to all economic sectors and business levels and will serve as an example of good practice to competing companies. The Innovative Simulator will be produced through the call „Innovation Vouchers for SME’s (KK., and based on the Voucher Granting Agreement in the process of granting non-refundable funds for projects financed from the OP Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

The implementation of the project and its activities directly contributes to the achievements of specific results, as well as the achievements of common indicators of the direct results of the Call „Innovation Vouchers for SME’s“.

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