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20 WAMSTER devices installed in Oman

20 WAMSTER devices installed in Oman

Portable wide area monitoring system consisting of 20 SterPMUs was formed in Oman in July 2016. WAMS campaign is a part of a consultancy project conducted by Tractebel Engineering, Dubai branch, for Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC), Muscat. The goal of measurement campaign is providing synchrophasor data for gaining inside into OETC system dynamics and for modeling of typical general loads. SterPMUs were installed in 10 strategically selected grid stations across Main Interconnection System (MIS) in Oman and a power system in Dhofar governorate which is connected to MIS through transmission system operated by Petroleum Development Oman Company (PDO).

In each station a pair of SterPMUs are monitoring an incomer and one selected feeder. Authorized users from Tractebel, OETC and distribution companies where PMUs are installed have access to real time measurements and hysterical recordings. Event triggering system with mail and SMS alarming was configured as a part of the campaign.


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