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STER Welding Monitor System implemented for SAIPEM Rijeka

STER Welding Monitor System implemented for SAIPEM Rijeka


Fig.1. SAIPEM Laboratory Rijeka

STER Welding Monitor System was successfully implemented and delivered to our client, SAIPEM MEDITERRANEAN SERVICES Rijeka.
SAIPEM R&D Laboratory in Rijeka will be using our measurement system during the next couple of months as a cost-effective solution
for analyzing their welding procedures and improving them.

Our engineers will be cooperating with SAIPEM during the next couple of months, while the system is in production, to further customize the interface
according to their needs.

STERWeld device

Fig.2. STERWeld device + Printing unit

STER Welding Monitor System is a system for recording welding measurements (currents and voltages), printing them in real time, and analyzing the
data offline. It consists of three components:

  • STERWeld Portable Welding Monitor: built on the tested STER PMU/METREL PQ4 platform, STER WELD can measure up to 4 welding points simlultaneously;
  • STERWeld Printing Unit: enclosed in an industrial Peli case, printing unit contains 4 dot-matrix printers for simultaneous printing of welding results;
  • STER Welding Monitor software: a Windows compatible application for downloading and exporting welding measurements.


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