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STER PMU devices installed in Kenya for Energynautics

STER PMU devices installed in Kenya for Energynautics

Map showing STER PMU devices in Kenya

Fig.1. Kenya devices (online map view)

As a part of the UMEME 24/7 project,
six STER PMU devices were successfully installed in Kenya for our
German client Energynautics GmbH.
The objective of the UMEME 24/7 project is to develop and test solutions that will improve power supply and stability for consumers in Kenya.
The devices were installed with ease and are already measuring data, with preliminary analysis already showing frequent instabilities in their power grid.

Per customer’s request, we enabled automatic daily data exports of Kenya’s PMU measurements to the client’s FTP server,
allowing them to use their own custom tools for data aggregation and analysis.


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