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WAMSTER Implementation Details Whitepaper available for download

WAMSTER Implementation Details Whitepaper available for download

Wamster Implementation Details whitepaper
is now available for download.

The white paper covers key technology details behind the WAMSTER system:

  • STER PMU, a lightweight, portable, IEEE C37.118 compliant PMU:
    • deployment and configuration of PMU devices is drastically simplified;
    • using a GPRS connection instead of wired Ethernet links removes the need for a dedicated networking infrastructure;
    • rechargeable battery backup keeps the device and the modem online during blackouts;
    • removable SD flash memory keeps up to 4 months of full-resolution data locally, on the PMU device.
  • WAMSTER, a reliable synchrophasor concentrator server with data storage as a service:
    • optimized communication protocol adapts dynamically to low-signal mobile network conditions;
    • web application for online data analysis, automatic event triggering and reporting, with data export to customizable formats;
    • data access from any web-enabled device, with full remote PMU setup and management capabilities;
    • easy interoperability with existing systems.


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