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Power Supply troubleshooting

Studio Elektronike Rijeka has several years of experience in troubleshooting complex power supply problems in various industrial installations, detecting causes and finding solutions to various problems:

  • using measurement solutions developed by our own engineers and programmers (METREL PowerQ, STER PMU), we are able to simultaneously log electrical quantities at multiple points of interest
  • equipment can be connected and programmed to record long periods of time, if infrequent glitches have to be identified
  • extremely fast, transient waveforms can be recorded, with resolution of 20μs
  • custom events and alarms can be defined, to immediatelly detect points of failure
  • reactive power, harmonic and THD analysis are performed to provide suggestions for modifications
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Custom Windows/Web application development

Development of Windows and Web applications:

  • remote monitoring and control, with dedicated servers for continuous availability, requiring no deployment nor configuration on the client side
  • custom SCADA systems for industrial and business applications
  • implementation of various industrial protocols, allowing unified integration of various generations of systems
  • streamlined, intuitive and responsive user interfaces
  • Programming languages and architectures
    • C/C++/C#, VB/VB.Net, Delphi
    • Dynamic Web apps, remote control and supervision:
      ASP.Net, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML/CSS
    • Smart Client: Windows Mobile 6.0, Pocket PC
    • Databases: SQL, Oracle
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Electronics/microcontrollers R&D

Research, design and development of electronic/microcontroller devices:

  • from PCB design to firmware and supporting PC software development
  • specific protocol and communication converters for integration
  • various architectures (8-bit, 16-bit, ARM platforms, DSPs)
  • algorithms for demanding, real-time measurements and calculations
  • industrial grade, standardized devices
  • remote communication (GPRS), identification systems (RFID)
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