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WAMSTER Server (figurative image)

WAMSTER: Ad hoc WAM solution

WAMSTER system is a ready to use, simple, 'plug-and-play' system for synchrophasor measurements:

  • easy-to-use portable (handheld) PMUs (see below), equipped with GPS and GPRS modem presented
  • dedicated server for retrieval, analysis and comparison
  • system administration, data archiving, presentation and export
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STER PMU handheld device

STER PMU: Portable phasor measurement unit

STER PMU is an easy to use, portable (handheld) synchrophasor measurement unit (PMU):

  • Low-cost PMU instrument compliant with IEEE C37.118
  • Small, easy to install
  • Battery backup for 4h of autonomy
  • 8Mb of flash memory for 133 min. of synchrophasor data (at 50Hz)
  • Simple communication configuration
  • Available as a single product, or integrated with WAMSTER System
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STERWeld Welding Measurement Unit

STERWeld: Portable welding measurement unit

STERWeld welding measurement unit is an easy to use, portable (handheld) welding monitor:

  • 4 voltage channels with wide measurement range (0 - 1000 Vrms, CAT III / 1000V)
  • 4 current channels, 1000 A, AC/DC
  • Simultaneous 8 channels - 16 bit A/D conversion
  • 8MB of flash memory for 16 hours of min/avg/max measurements
  • Up to 32GB of external SD flash memory for practically unlimited capacity (6 years and 1 meas. per sec)
  • Easy configuration of welding project data using the provided configuration software tool
  • Integration with the STERWeld Quad Printing Unit
  • Customizable integration with third-party welding systems (e.g. Saipem SWS)
Visit www.sterweld.com for support and manuals.
STERWeld Quad Printing Unit

STERWeld Printing Unit:

STERWeld Quad Printing Unit allows simultaneous tracking of 4 separate welding points:

  • Enclosed in a rugged Peli case
  • 4 dot-matrix 57mm printers
  • Internal battery backup
  • Single interface cable provides power and communication for the STERWeld measurement device
  • Ethernet connection for third-party welding systems
Visit www.sterweld.com for support and manuals.

METREL PowerQ: Power Quality Analyzers

Firmware for these instruments was developed by STER for Metrel d.o.o. Slovenia. METREL PowerQ/PowerQ4/PowerQ4+ family of instruments are genuine, portable 3-phase/4-phase power quality analysers which favorably compete with higher priced instruments and can be easily implemented in a variety of different situations:

  • True RMS and zero blind measurement and data logging of RMS, THD, power, power factor and energy
  • Simultaneous analysis of power quality parameters (U,I,P,Q,S, PF)
  • Harmonics analysis up to 50th component
  • Phase diagram and unbalance calculation for 3-phase systems
  • Inrush current measurement
  • Voltage events (dip, swells and interrupts) evaluations
  • EN50160 compliant recording and reporting
  • Remote configuration and data download (GPRS)
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METREL PowerView: Windows application for data analysis and reporting

Developed for Metrel d.o.o. Slovenia, METREL PowerView is a Windows application for download, analysis, reporting and configuration of METREL PowerQ/Q4 family of instruments:

  • Easy organization of data using a Windows Explorer-like tree view
  • Many different data views are simultaneously available
  • Highly customizable environment with various docking options
  • Creates reports for custom or predefined EN 50160 PQ criteria
  • Supports a range of METREL PQ instrument versions
  • Connects to instruments directly, or over Internet (GPRS)
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STER M-900: Multifunctional meas. transducer

STER M-900 is a DIN-rail multifunctional measuring transducer with integrated digital inputs and relay outputs:

  • MODBUS protocol (or other on request)
  • 6 voltage channels, 7 current channels
  • 10 DI (230VAC), 6 DO (relay 230VAC, 5A)
  • Measures and calculates multiple quantities
    (V, A, kW, kVA, kVAr, Hz, PF etc.)
  • LEDs for energy count display
  • RS232/USB interface for configuration, with an easy to use config. application
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