STER PMU - handheld PMU device

STER PMU - Portable PMU Device

STER PMU is an easy to use, portable (handheld) synchrophasor measurement unit (PMU). Contrary to a standard PMU unit, it needs no additional infrastructure - it provides instant measurements immediately upon startup by sending them to a cloud storage server, over a wireless (GPRS/UMTS) link. Data is not only securely stored, but also immediately available for analysis from all over the world, using a plain web browser with no additional plugins.

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Portable PMU unit: Key features

  • NEW: SD memory card slot allows memory expansion up to 32Gb (5 months of synchrophasor measurements)
  • Small, lightweight (only 1.45 lb without accessories), easy to install, low-cost device
  • No additional infrastructure (no concentrator equipment, no cabling): data is sent over GPRS/UMTS to a cloud storage location
  • Battery backup for 4h of autonomy during power blackouts
  • 8Mb of installed flash memory for more than 2hrs of synchrophasor data during communication downtime (at 50/60Hz), or up to 32Gb of additional flash memory (SD card) for more than 5 months of full-speed measurements
  • No on-site configuration necessary
  • Available as a single product (with specific communication protocols on demand), or integrated with the WAMSTER System
Wamster system overview
Fig.1. Wamster system overview
STER PMU with all accessories. Only a single power supply adapter is needed.
Fig.2. STER PMU with all accessories.

Easy setup

Less than 15 minutes from arrival on site until valid data being reported on web.

For the end user, all the equipment necessary to start recording is included in a soft carrying bag: It takes only a couple of minutes to setup the wiring and signal ranges, as well as configure the SIM card settings and connect to the Internet.

Battery operated

More than 4 hours of autonomy during blackout conditions.

Wamster system is ideal for analyzing blackout conditions. Rechargeable battery can keep the portable PMU device operating for more than 4 hours without supply. Internal flash memory is sufficient for storing 2 hours of 4-phase synchrophasor data cyclicly (at full reporting speed, 60Hz), but the device also supports a Micro SD card slot. More than 5 months of synchrophasor measurements can be stored on a single 32Gb SD memory card.

Wireless data transmission

No need for additional infrastructure.

After the device starts measuring and connects to the server, work on site is completed. Device continues to transfer all data to the server, using the provided GPRS modem.

EDGE/UMTS versions are also available on request.

Web interface

Data is accessible from everywhere.

Online web interface (with password authentication) allows quick overview of device statuses, historical views and data comparison, from anywhere.

By adhering strictly to current web standards, Wamster is accessible from all modern browsers without the need for external plugins (Flash, Silverlight), as well as portable devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone).