WAMSTER system integrates portable, zero-config PMU devices (GPRS/GPS/backup battery/installed flash memory) with a reliable server solution for gathering, storing and displaying phasor data.

Live (real-time) demonstration of the system is available, showing synchrophasor measurements of several installed PMU devices.

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Projekt WAMSTER-2 ostvario dodjelu bespovratnih sredstava od strane MINPO-a

Četvrtak, 7. ožujka 2013

MINPO logo
Slika 1. Ministarstvo poduzetništva i obrta

U sklopu programa "Poduzetnički impuls", Ministarstvo poduzetništva i obrta je dodijelilo bespovratna sredstva iz proračuna RH za provedbu projekta "WAMSTER2" u mjeri B: "Jačanje poslovne konkurentnosti poduzetnika i obrtnika", grupa B3 - Poticanje inovativnog poduzetništva.

Cilje WAMSTER-2 projekta je prilagodba forme postojećeg STER PMU prijenosnog uređaja u multifunkcionalni ugradbeni uređaj za trajnu ugradnju na DIN-šinu, pod imenom SyncPQ. Uređaj će podržavati sinkronizirana mjerenja (PMU), mjerenje kvalitete električne energije (PQ), daljinsku telemetriju (RTU), snimač poremećaja (DFR) te konfigurabilne digitalne ulaze i izlaze. Podržani oblici komunikacije će, kao i u postojećem WAMSTER sustavu, omogućavati mobilnu transmisiju podataka (GPRS), uz dodatne Ethernet i RS232/485 protokole za integraciju u postojeće mjerne i SCADA sustave.

WAMSTER-2 funding received from Minpo

Thursday, March 7th 2013

MINPO logo
Fig.1. Croatian Ministry of Enterpreneurship and Crafts

WAMSTER-2 project has received funding by the Croatian Ministry of Enterpreneurship and Crafts (MINPO), for the "Entrepreneurial impulse" program, Measure B: "Enhancing business competitiveness of entrepreneurs and craftsmen", under category B3 "Encouraging innovative entrepreneurship".

The aim of the WAMSTER-2 project is to adapt the form factor of the portable STER PMU device into an embedded, rail-mounted multifunctional device for permanent installation - SyncPQ. The device in development will support synchronized measurements (PMU), power quality measurements (PQ), remote telemetry (RTU), disturbance fault recording (DFR), with configurable digital inputs and outputs, while still allowing seamless integration with the existing WAMSTER system, third-party PDCs and SCADA systems, and supporting a variety of protocols over different communication channels (GPRS/UMTS, Ethernet, RS232/485).

STER Welding Monitor System implemented for SAIPEM Rijeka

Tuesday, January 8th 2013

Fig.1. SAIPEM Laboratory Rijeka

STER Welding Monitor System was successfully implemented and delivered to our client, SAIPEM MEDITERRANEAN SERVICES Rijeka. SAIPEM R&D Laboratory in Rijeka will be using our measurement system during the next couple of months as a cost-effective solution for analyzing their welding procedures and improving them.

Our engineers will be cooperating with SAIPEM during the next couple of months, while the system is in production, to further customize the interface according to their needs.

STERWeld device
Fig.2. STERWeld device + Printing unit

STER Welding Monitor System is a system for recording welding measurements (currents and voltages), printing them in real time, and analyzing the data offline. It consists of three components:

  • STERWeld Portable Welding Monitor: built on the tested STER PMU/METREL PQ4 platform, STER WELD can measure up to 4 welding points simlultaneously;
  • STERWeld Printing Unit: enclosed in an industrial Peli case, printing unit contains 4 dot-matrix printers for simultaneous printing of welding results;
  • STER Welding Monitor software: a Windows compatible application for downloading and exporting welding measurements.

STER PMU devices installed in Kenya for Energynautics

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

Map showing STER PMU devices in Kenya
Fig.1. Kenya devices (online map view)

As a part of the UMEME 24/7 project, six STER PMU devices were successfully installed in Kenya for our German client Energynautics GmbH. The objective of the UMEME 24/7 project is to develop and test solutions that will improve power supply and stability for consumers in Kenya. The devices were installed with ease and are already measuring data, with preliminary analysis already showing frequent instabilities in their power grid.

Per customer's request, we enabled automatic daily data exports of Kenya's PMU measurements to the client's FTP server, allowing them to use their own custom tools for data aggregation and analysis.

WAMSTER Event Triggering Details Whitepaper available for download

Tuesday, October 16th 2012

Wamster Event Triggering Details whitepaper is now available for download.

The white paper covers key technology details behind the WAMSTER Event triggering functionality, and describes some typical use cases for configuring and analyzing events:

  • Event triggering introduction: details behind the triggering system, its internals and its limitations;
  • Defining processing rules: choosing quantities, preprocessing rules and filters, and chaining them to get various system indicators;
  • Configuring triggers: defining relative or absolute comparisons, processing and thresholds for event triggering;
  • Analyzing event details: examining measurement trends related to triggered events and exporting data around the event for detailed offline analysis.

Studio Elektronike Rijeka is attending the June 2012 NASPI Meeting

Friday, May 4th 2012

NASPI Denver flyer (front page)

Studio Elektronike Rijeka is attending the NASPI group meeting in Denver, CO on June 5th and 6th 2012. Our company will be presenting the WAMSTER system and STER PMU devices at the vendor show.

Denver Task Group meeting is an opportunity to meet with existing and future potential clients and share our experiences in the past two years of WAMSTER operation. We will provide printed WAMSTER whitepapers and flyers with WAMSTER information, which are available for download at www.wamster.net.

Flyer for this event contains recent WAMSTER use cases and is available for download here. Please contact us if you need any other information regarding our products, or would like to arrange a meeting in Denver.

WAMSTER Implementation Details Whitepaper available for download

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

Wamster Implementation Details whitepaper is now available for download.

The white paper covers key technology details behind the WAMSTER system:

  • STER PMU, a lightweight, portable, IEEE C37.118 compliant PMU:
    • deployment and configuration of PMU devices is drastically simplified;
    • using a GPRS connection instead of wired Ethernet links removes the need for a dedicated networking infrastructure;
    • rechargeable battery backup keeps the device and the modem online during blackouts;
    • removable SD flash memory keeps up to 4 months of full-resolution data locally, on the PMU device.
  • WAMSTER, a reliable synchrophasor concentrator server with data storage as a service:
    • optimized communication protocol adapts dynamically to low-signal mobile network conditions;
    • web application for online data analysis, automatic event triggering and reporting, with data export to customizable formats;
    • data access from any web-enabled device, with full remote PMU setup and management capabilities;
    • easy interoperability with existing systems.

WAMSTER presentation at the NASPI Meeting: Practical experiences gained in 2011

Monday, February 6th 2012

NASPI presentation (front page)
Fig.1. NASPI presentation 2012

Studio Elektronike Rijeka is holding a presentation at the February/March 2012 NASPI group meeting at Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport in Orlando, FL. Presentation will cover practical experiences gained in 2011 and show several use cases employing the ad-hoc the WAMSTER system and STER PMU handheld units.

Presentation will be held on February 29th, between 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM (download the agenda here).

Presentation is also available for download here.

Six STER PMU devices installed in Zagreb for the Croatian TSO

Tuesday, December 6th 2011

Zagreb ring
Fig.1. Croatian TSO PMU Ring

As a part of the SIPS Project (System Integrity Protection Schemes) conducted by the University of Rijeka for the Croatian Transmission System Operator, six upgraded STER PMU devices were installed in Zagreb in September and November 2011. Devices are configured to monitor a ring of 6 transformer stations and power plants, and will be used to solve the following problems:

  • Near real-time system dynamics monitoring
  • Evaluation of model dynamics
  • Baselining, tuning and troubleshooting

Since the previous CARWAMS grid project, various new functionalities have been implemented in both STER PMU devices and the WAMSTER system:

  • 32GB SD memory cards sufficient for storing more than 4 months of data
  • Higher resolution default reporting (10fps, with 50fps on demand)
  • Custom event triggering and reporting
  • STER PMU Ethernet functionality for continuous full-resolution reporting scenarios

Ster PMU devices now available with 32Gb of flash memory

Monday, June 13th 2011

Micro SD card

New version of Ster PMU handheld unit is now available with a slot for Micro SD flash memory cards. Using a 32Gb flash card, each unit can store 3-phase synchrophasor measurements (U/I/f), at grid frequency, during a period of over 4 months. This allows deployment scenarios with no GPRS connection to the server at all, or configurations where data is sent less often to the server, and manually retrieved by downloading the SD card contents directly to a PC.

Device is fully functional and ready for measurement only a couple of minutes after it has been powered on, while the larger flash size means that device can be autonomous during blackout conditions even longer (more than 4 hours operating on batteries).

Click here to find out more about Ster PMU units, or contact us for further information at wamster@ster.hr.

Visit www.wamster.net for a live demonstration

Tuesday, March 28th 2011

To improve its online presence as a separate, integrated solution, we have moved WAMSTER to a new dedicated domain: www.wamster.net. Check out our real-time demonstration of the system, as part of the Croatian CARWAMS project.

CARWAMS grid hierarchy available online

Tuesday, March 1st 2011

Online grid hierarchy (CARWAMS)
Fig.1. Online grid hierarchy (CARWAMS)

As a part of the CARWAMS research project, WAMSTER devices have been installed at several locations inside the Croatian power transmission and distribution grid.

Positions of devices in the distribution grid in our hometown Rijeka, Croatia, installed at 0.4kV, 10kV, 35kV and 110kV voltage levels, can be seen online.

Grid map shows device locations and their real-time statuses. By clicking individual devices, it is possible to examine their real time measurements, their measurement history for last 20 seconds, detailed 50/60Hz measurements and online comparison of any pair of devices. Several devices can be monitored at once.

Click here to view the CARWAMS Rijeka grid hierarchy.

WAMSTER presentation at the NASPI Meeting

Friday, February 18th 2011

Wamster brochure
Fig.1. WAMSTER brochure

Studio Elektronike Rijeka will be presenting the WAMSTER system and STER Portable PMU units at North American SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI) Working Group Meeting held at Fort Worth Hilton, 815 Main Street, in Fort Worth, Texas on February 23rd.

Our devices will be exhibited on Wednesday from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, so we encourage you to visit us during our demonstration of the complete system. Our public demo page is available with currently installed devices in the CARWAMS academic research project.

Our brochure is available for download here.

WAMSTER selected as the supporting technology for CARWAMS

Wednesday, September 15th 2010

WAMSTER system and STER Portable PMU units will be used for distributed synchrophasor measurements in CARWAMS (Croatian Academic Research Wide Area Measurement System) research project.

By the end of 2010, STER Portable PMU devices will be installed in various cities around Croatia by Studio Elektronike Rijeka. During 2010 and 2011, these devices will be continuously measuring synchrophasor data and sending it to the WAMSTER system, where it will be collected for real-time monitoring and detailed historical analysis by academic researchers.

Long term goal of CARWAMS research project it to define and establish better operation and improved reliability of the integrated protection system in the Croatian power transmission network. Synchronized measurement of phasors at separated geographical locations is one of the key inputs for this research.

Role of WAMSTER system in this project is to provide zero-configuration devices and cost effective services (portable "plug and play" measurement devices, collection and storage of data to our dedicated data servers, online real-time monitoring using our web services, and detailed offline analysis of downloaded data). Offering this system as a complete service will allow the researchers to focus on actual analysis of the data, and lower costs of necessary equipment and service personnel.

More information can be found here.

WAMSTER included in NASPI Phasor Tool Repository

Thursday, September 9th 2010

WAMSTER system was added to NASPI (North American SynchroPhasor Initiative) Phasor Tool Repository.


NASPI is the leading worldwide association in the field of synchronized Phasor Measurement technology, and generally wide area measurement and control. The purpose of NASPI Phasor Tool Repository is to facilitate the sharing of information related to phasor tool with the electric power industry.

We hope that WAMSTER inclusion in the Repository Tools will help us reach additional potential partners, as well as receive better feedback from various members of the NASPI community.

More information can be found here.

WAMSTER receives funding from BICRO

Wednesday, July 21st 2010


WAMSTER system was selected for funding by BICRO (Business Innovation Center of Croatia), in a Proof of concept program competition. During the next 6 months, BICRO will be cofinancing equipment and activities on WAMSTER research and development.

Results of the competition can be found here.

WAMSTER Presentation held for Croatian NZZ Foundation

Tuesday, July 13th 2010

Wamster overview
Fig.1. WAMSTER system overview (as shown in presentation)

WAMSTER system was presented today at Faculty of Engineering Rijeka to our potential partners, the Croatian NZZ Foundation (National Foundation for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia).

To demonstrate that connecting a new device to the system requires no configuration, a STER PMU-900 portable PMU device was connected to the power supply during presentation.

Connected device measurements were shown in real-time on our demo web page, and live synchrophasor measurements were compared to measurements of other connected PMU devices, to demonstrate that devices were properly synchronized to the GPS real-time clock.

Presentation is available for download: (english / croatian).

WAMSTER Demonstration is now available online

Monday, June 7th 2010

Demonstration page is available at www.wamster.net. Details about the WAMSTER system and STER portable PMU devices can be found here.

Web demo overview
Fig.1. Online (web) demonstration
Historical/detailed synchrophasor view
Fig.2. Historical/detailed view for a specific device can be shown by clicking on its vector diagram

Online PMU measurements can be now viewed in real-time on our WAMSTER demonstration page. Measured values (voltage synchrophasors for all three phases) can be also be compared for any pair of currently connected PMU devices.

We encourage you to try the demonstration (with limited functionality) of our online WAMSTER web server. You can examine synchrophasor measurements for several devices at once, or open historical (last 20s of measurements) and detailed (real-time measurement at 50Hz) measurements for several PMU devices simultaneously.

Note that details for each PMU device are shown in a window which can be dragged around the page and arranged to fit several devices on one screen (depending on your screen resolution).

NOTE: This page has been developed for demonstration purposes only. No downloads are necessary, it works in any modern browser with javascript enabled. Page should work best with Firefox 3+ and Opera 9+, while Internet Explorer users may experience a bit slower rendering when many devices are compared at once.