Studio Elektronike Rijeka d.o.o.

R&D/Power Quality Analysis/Programming/Software Engineering/Electronics/Automation

We are a company specialized in developing complete technical solutions, combining software, firmware and hardware development. Our key targets are integrated power quality and measurement solutions, such as the WAMSTER system (live demo can be found here), which is currently our primary development focus.

We are also specialized in various fields of electrical engineering, with focus on providing quick troubleshooting and solutions to specific and most complex power-related customer problems.

Our team has several years of experience in all phases of microcontroller development, programming dedicated Windows/Web applications for data gathering and analysis, as well as design and commissioning of various industrial automation systems.


  • 15 yrs experience in all phases of development
  • From PCB design to firmware and PC software development
  • End product: PowerQ device series, portable voltage quality measurement devices for Metrel d.d. Slovenia
  • Various architectures:
    • 8-bit [various 8051 compatible uC]
    • 16-bit [Infineon C166, XC166]
    • ARM
  • Various development tools:
    • Keil uC, Tasking, ASM, C
    • Printed Circuit Board design: PCAD, Protel
  • Experience in various fields:
    • analyzers and registration units for power quality, flicker meters;
    • measurement of complex parameters of electrical networks: loop impedance, earth resistance;
    • identification systems (RFID), remote devices (GPRS);
    • indicator/controller modules for industry applications;
    • measurements of non-electrical values in production plants.

Windows/Web programming

  • 10 yrs experience in programming distributed Windows/Web applications
  • Development of multi-tier applications for remote acquisition, real-time online analysis (Windows or Web clients), reporting and data storage
  • Programming languages and architectures
    • C/C++/C#, VB/VB.Net, Delphi
    • Dynamic Web apps, remote control and supervision
    • ASP.Net, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML/CSS
    • Smart Client
    • Windows Mobile 6.0, Pocket PC
    • Databases
    • SQL, Oracle

Industrial Automation

  • 5 yrs experience in design and commissioning of industrial automation systems in steel and tobacco industry
  • PLC [SIEMENS STEP 5/STEP 7, Allen Bradley SLC 500, OMRON CS/CJ/NSJ, Telemecanique TWIDO]
  • SCADA [SIEMENS, Wonderware, OMRON]