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WAMSTER selected as the supporting technology for CARWAMS

WAMSTER system and STER Portable PMU units will be used for distributed synchrophasor measurements in CARWAMS (Croatian Academic Research Wide Area Measurement System) research project. By the end of 2010, STER Portable PMU devices will be installed in various cities around Croatia by Studio Elektronike Rijeka. During 2010 and 2011, these devices will be continuously…
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WAMSTER included in NASPI Phasor Tool Repository

WAMSTER system was added to NASPI (North American SynchroPhasor Initiative) Phasor Tool Repository. NASPI is the leading worldwide association in the field of synchronized Phasor Measurement technology, and generally wide area measurement and control. The purpose of NASPI Phasor Tool Repository is to facilitate the sharing of information related to phasor tool with the electric…
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WAMSTER receives funding from BICRO

WAMSTER system was selected for funding by BICRO (Business Innovation Center of Croatia), in a Proof of concept program competition. During the next 6 months, BICRO will be cofinancing equipment and activities on WAMSTER research and development. Results of the competition can be found here.

WAMSTER Presentation held for Croatian NZZ Foundation

Fig.1. WAMSTER system overview (as shown in presentation) WAMSTER system was presented today at Faculty of Engineering Rijeka to our potential partners, the Croatian NZZ Foundation (National Foundation for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia). To demonstrate that connecting a new device to the system requires no configuration, a STER…
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WAMSTER Demonstration is now available online

Demonstration page is available at www.wamster.net. Details about the WAMSTER system and STER portable PMU devices can be found here. Fig.1. Online (web) demonstration Fig.2. Historical/detailed view for a specific device can be shown by clicking on its vector diagram Online PMU measurements can be now viewed in real-time on our WAMSTER demonstration page. Measured…
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