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WAMSTER Presentation held for Croatian NZZ Foundation

WAMSTER Presentation held for Croatian NZZ Foundation

Wamster overview

Fig.1. WAMSTER system overview (as shown in presentation)

WAMSTER system was presented
today at Faculty of Engineering Rijeka to our potential partners,
the Croatian NZZ Foundation (National Foundation for Science, Higher
Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia).

To demonstrate that connecting a new device to the system requires no configuration,
a STER PMU-900 portable PMU device was connected to the power supply during presentation.

Connected device measurements were shown in real-time on our demo
web page
, and live synchrophasor measurements were compared to measurements
of other connected PMU devices, to demonstrate that devices were properly synchronized
to the GPS real-time clock.

Presentation is available for download: (english


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