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WAMSTER Demonstration is now available online

WAMSTER Demonstration is now available online

Demonstration page is available at www.wamster.net.
Details about the WAMSTER system and STER portable PMU devices can be found here.

Web demo overview

Fig.1. Online (web) demonstration

Historical/detailed synchrophasor view

Fig.2. Historical/detailed view for a specific device
can be shown by clicking on its vector diagram

Online PMU measurements can be now viewed in real-time on our WAMSTER demonstration page.
Measured values (voltage synchrophasors for all three phases) can be also be compared for any pair of currently connected
PMU devices.

We encourage you to try the demonstration (with limited functionality) of our online WAMSTER web server. You can examine
synchrophasor measurements for several devices at once, or open historical (last 20s of measurements) and detailed (real-time measurement at 50Hz)
measurements for several PMU devices simultaneously.

Note that details for each PMU device are shown in a window which can be dragged around the page and arranged to fit several
devices on one screen (depending on your screen resolution).

NOTE: This page has been developed for demonstration purposes only. No downloads are necessary, it works in any modern browser
with javascript enabled. Page should work best with Firefox 3+ and Opera 9+, while Internet Explorer users may experience a bit slower
rendering when many devices are compared at once.


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