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Complete technological solutions for measurement, data acquisition and analysis.

We provide custom devices, software services and know-how for industrial measurements and automation.

WAMSTER Synchrophasor Measurement System 

WAMSTER System extends the standard synchrophasor WAMS network with extensions which allow continuous waveform recording and harmonics measurements to be transmitted from compatible STERPMU devices. 
PMU devices come in two forms: portable handheld PMU units, suitable for quick installation in temporary measurement campaigns, and rack-mounted PMU units, suitable for permanent installation.
WAMSTER Data Concentrator provides a SaaS, web-based platform for data acquisition and analysis. Combined with the STERPMU’s ability to send data over the mobile network, it allows ad-hoc WAMS deployment scenarios without any additional infrastructure requirements.


STER Welding Monitor

STER Welding Monitor System consists of a portable, handheld welding measurement unit, capable of measuring up to 4 single ended inputs
(common welding ground) voltages and 4 welding currents simultaneously.
Default printing unit included with the system contains 4 separate dot-matrix printers in a robust Peli case, allowing simultaneous printouts of 4 separate welding points using a single STERWeld device.


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Latest News

Installation of SterPMU-R1 rack mounted units in various Croatian transformer stations

During the last two years, more than 20 SterPMU-R1 devices have been installed on 400kV and 220kV lines and on 110kV busses critical for power evacuation from the most problematic[…]

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Elia Grid will be utilizing SterPMU portable PMU devices for various measurement campaigns

Two portable units were delivered to Elia Grid’s Power System Operations & Security Department. Measurement campaigns on several locations will be conducted with goal to check performance of power producers[…]

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20 WAMSTER devices installed in Oman

Portable wide area monitoring system consisting of 20 SterPMUs was formed in Oman in July 2016. WAMS campaign is a part of a consultancy project conducted by Tractebel Engineering, Dubai[…]

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WAMSTER installed as a wireless WAMS bridge in India

Two portable PMUs were installed at SUZLON‘s windfarm at Kaladungar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, one PMU at National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) Wind Turbine Test Station, Kayathar, Tamil Nadu and a dedicated WAMSTER[…]

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